Optometrist in Beverly

Optometrist in Beverly

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Comprehensive eye care in Beverly

Comprehensive eye care includes vision screenings, but also much more. At Vision Salon Eye Care Associates, you can feel confident that your optimal vision is a high priority for us, as is your eye health. Common eye diseases, ranging from glaucoma and cataracts to macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, are tested for by our optometrist in Beverly. And that is crucial, because none of the above listed conditions have any noticeable symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your eyes or your vision.

If you are positive that your vision right now is as good as it can be, then you’re very unusual or you have had an eye exam very recently. Your visual needs evolve, and it’s a continual process. One reason that you should come in for an examination by our optometrist in Beverly once per year is that the prescription you got twelve months ago may be less effective for you than when it was originally written. Of course, with older eyewear, this is an even greater concern. For those who don’t have any corrective lenses at the moment, you might find that the sharpness and clarity that a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses give you make a remarkable difference in how well you see up close, far away, or at all distances. Common eye diseases may result in damage to your eyes’ blood vessels or your optic nerve; you could suffer vision loss, or maybe total blindness. These are consequences that are often irreversible, but may be avoidable with timely care from our optometrist in Beverly. At the very least, timely diagnosis and treatment could slow down the progression of eye disease and make it more manageable.

Reach out to our office today and set up an appointment to come in for your annual eye exam. You’ll be glad that you did.

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