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Diabetic Eye Care in Chicago

Your eyes face many potential hazards, from the effects of accidental chemical contamination to eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. But problems do not have to always originate in your eyes. Sometimes the ocular impact is a side-effect of another issue. Here at Vision Salon Eye Care Associates, we are dedicated to helping you prevent vision loss or eye harm as a result of type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

In America today, there seems to be a near epidemic of diabetes diagnoses. The reasons behind that are varied and complicated, but our Chicago eye doctor wants to keep your eyes healthy in spite of blood sugar fluctuations. Our diabetic eye care begins with a yearly eye exam and screening. The eye disease called diabetic retinopathy forms and progresses through its early stages without any obvious symptoms to warn you. Only when it becomes advanced are you likely to notice some of the signs that are linked to diabetic retinopathy, such as spots in your field of vision (floaters), blurry vision, difficulties with color perception, and loss of vision. The potential consequences are damage to your retinal blood vessels, hemorrhaging, and even total blindness. You are also more prone to glaucoma. Our Chicago eye doctor can detect the effects of diabetes and get you started on a the right path to treatment and management. Retinal blood vessels require surgery to repair, but if diabetic retinopathy is caught before that happens, you may only need to moderate your diet, and pay closer attention to recommendations on medication and exercise.

Working in conjunction with your primary care doctor and/or endocrinologist, you and our Chicago eye doctor can be proactive with our diabetic eye care. Be sure to reach out to our office to schedule your next visit for a complete examination.

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