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Contact lenses in Chicago

Fortunately, there are myriad uses for contact lenses today. And if your cornea is irregular, which occurs as the result of the eye disease keratoconus, they can be put into action to improve your vision despite the effects of the condition. It’s just one of the many valuable services we provide here at Vision Salon Eye Care Associates.

Our Chicago eye doctor recommends a yearly eye exam for all adult patients. That’s because eye diseases ranging from glaucoma and macular degeneration to diabetic retinopathy and cataracts have no symptoms associated with them until they have become advanced. This is also true of keratoconus. And the earlier it is diagnosed, the more effective treatment is. Symptoms that would alert you to the presence of this condition are problems driving at night, eye strain, eye irritation or itchiness, halos appearing in your field of vision, and general eye pain. The progression of keratoconus is that the protein fibers supporting your cornea begin to degenerate, resulting in your cornea bulging and taking on a shape that is more like a cone, instead of its normal, healthy round shape. When that occurs, your vision is less than ideal and will likely grow worse over time. However, special contact lenses prescribed by our Chicago eye doctor, along with updates to that prescription to account for changes in the status of your keratoconus, will succeed in acting as a counteracting force to restore adequate vision. At some point, you may need surgery or a corneal replacement, but that is down the road.

Get tested for keratoconus by our Chicago eye doctor. Either schedule an appointment to address symptoms that you’re experiencing, or come in for a routine annual eye exam. Detection of this eye disease is essential, and there is no benefit to waiting. Reach out to us now to book your visit.

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