Chicago contact lenses

Chicago Contact Lenses

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Keratoconus lenses in Chicago

Chicago contact lenses
Chicago contact lenses

If you need the best in Chicago contact lenses, look no further than Vision Salon Eye Care Associates. We can diagnose and manage any eye problems and eye diseases that patients are experiencing. We have a wide range of contact lenses to offer our patients. Most common include soft and hard contact lenses. Ask our staff any questions you may have, and don’t be afraid to come in and ask any questions or make an appointment for your next appointment with us today.

Some of our services include care for patients suffering from keratoconus. Keratoconus happens when the cornea thins and bulges into a cone shape, which causes blurry vision and sensitivity to light and glare. It can be treated, however, with Chicago contact lenses. It is best caught early for treatment. Over time, the lens prescription may change from regular soft lenses to rigid ones. Symptoms may include night vision problems, cloudy vision or the need for new prescriptions more often. During your eye exam, we can check for keratoconus and prescribe the appropriate Chicago contact lenses if needed.

We also service patients with glaucoma treatment, comprehensive eye care and vision and eye health exams. Our fully staffed optical department can help you learn more about our eyeglasses and contact lenses available, as well as help those who have issues like macular degeneration and who may need specialty Chicago contact lenses. Our eye care center can help those seeking specialty lenses. Our office hours are Monday through Saturday, so patients can have a weekend day to come in for their appointments. Come in to tour our facility, which is equipped with advanced technology like a Konan Specular Microscope, B-scan ultrasounds, Kowa Retinal photography and Heidelberg Spectralis imaging. We can also perform diabetes risk tests as well as ultrasounds.

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