Bifocal contacts in Beverly

Bifocal Contacts in Beverly

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Bifocal contact lenses in Beverly

Contact lenses are an extremely popular method of vision correction replacing eyeglasses for many people. However, getting the proper lenses is not as simple as just trading in your eyeglasses for a pair of contact lenses. Contact lenses are one of the core specialties at Vision Salon Eye Care Associates, where Dr. Ansel Johnson, OD and our staff are trained and experienced in making sure that your contact lenses are comfortable, fit correctly and the right fit for your lifestyle. Before our patients can consider any contact lens choices our doctor will conduct a comprehensive eye examination to check the health of their eyes, the visual acuity and look for any developing eye diseases or disorders. The eye exam will also prescribe any vision corrections, whether single or bifocal contacts in Beverly needed to help the patient have optimal vision. After this should the patient want contact lenses our doctor will conduct a special contact lens eye exam where he asks about your preferences, lifestyle and takes measurements of your eyes including corneal curvature, pupil and iris size, and tear film evaluation to make sure the lenses fit the eye correctly.

Now that we know what lenses will fit each eye perfectly it’s time to decide what kind of contact lenses will fit your vision needs and lifestyle best. Contact lenses come in a variety of types. Our optical shop carries a range of soft lenses from the highest quality brands that include daily wear lenses that can be worn up to 18 hours before they are taken out and cleaned and can’t be slept in. Extended wear lenses that can be worn for a longer period including while sleeping before being taken out and cleaned. Disposables, which are thrown away after one use and color-changing lenses that allow the user to change the color of their eyes at any time are also popular We also offer soft lenses in bifocal contacts in Beverly that will help our patient see clearly at a distance or for close-in vision, as well as toric lenses for people with mild astigmatism. Our practice carries gas permeable, these lenses often take a little more time to get used to and don’t offer the wearing flexibility of soft lenses but do offer clearer vision for people with severe nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

Our bifocal contacts in Beverly offer patients a way to see their best without the look of eyeglasses. The wide array of types of lenses now available make it possible for people who previously could not use contact lenses to now enjoy their benefits. Why not come see our doctor and find out which contact lenses are the right fit for you?

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